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Original tummy tub® 

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Congratulations on your new little treasure – we wish you and your baby all the best! All of your child’s needs were catered to in the warm embrace of your womb. Birth brings about lots of changes and new experiences, like hunger, thirst, bright light, unfiltered sound, cold and the full force of gravity.
In the early 90s, midwives in the Netherlands discovered, that babies benefit from baths that emulate what it feels like to be inside the womb. The tummy tub® has been developed by professionals – this unique bath tub is made to emulate the womb and makes it easier for your baby after the birth to adjust to the stress and unfamiliar experiences in the world around them. It provides complete warmth and support, helping your baby to relax and remain calm in a prenatal position.

 Bonding by bathing

Intense skin contact after birth, calming, stroking and the gentle sound of a motherly voice strengthen the bond between a mother and her newborn, work to calm them and provide a sense of security. Bath time can be a very special time in which the baby’s connection to their parents is strengthened and in which the father can also play a big part.

Ages & stages

Premature and newborn babies

The tummy tub® is used as the first baby bath in many hospitals. It is the perfectalternative to traditional baby baths, in which it is quite common for your baby’s heart rate and breathing to increase. Newborns are not dirty – that is why this bath is mainly used for relaxing, calming and building up your connection with your little one. Newborns will often fall asleep in the tummy tub®.

Babies (up to 6 months)

The therapeutic use of the tummy tub® is perfect from birth up to the 6th Month. In this time, it is not uncommon for e.g. bloating pain and restlessness to occur, and these are soothed by the bath. However from the 12th to 16th Week, babies have more control over their neck muscles and find it easier to lean against the sides of the tummy tub®. Between the 2nd and 3rd months, babies usually try to use the buoyancy of the water to stand up in the tummy tub®. Studies show that babies develop their motor skills quite early on.

Older babies (6 to 12 months)

This is where the real fun starts! This is the age in which many babies no longer wish to lie down in a traditional bathtub. That is because they are learning how to sit up at this age, and this upright position is positive for them. The rounded walls keep your baby safe and help them stay in this new position.


The tummy tub® can be safely used by kids that weigh up to 17.5 kg. Many kids still enjoy using it until they are 2 or even 3 years old. At this age, they can stand or sit when being washed, or carry it around and play with it when it is not being used.

Original tummy tub 

The original Tummy Tub is designed to create the best possible conditions for a baby after birth. It resembles the safe and warm environment of the mother’s womp

Manufactured in Holland, Tummy Tub has been supported by hospitals, doctors, midwives and childcare professionals around the world.  Tummy Tub has passed the strictest safety tests in Australia, France, Germany, the UK and the USA.

 Advantages of the rtummy tub

  • Supported by midwives and pediatricians around the world
  • The baby feels secure, safe and relaxed
  • Calming and retrieved fetal position
  • Meets the strictest safety regulations worldwide
  • Stress-free bathing: a satisfied baby means easy bathing time!
  • Perfect for premature babies
  • Made of environmentally friendly materials (BPA-free) – Tummy Tab is completely recyclable

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